We currently support four payment methods: VISA, PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union.
 Advantages of payment methods:
1, VISA is a common international payment method.
2, PayPal is the most popular online payment method. It is paid by credit card and debit card. Particularly convenient and safe.
3, Western Union. Widely used.
Please note that after payment is made to provide us with:
1, MTCN number.
2, The exact amount you send.
3, The sender name.
4, The sender's address.
5, Your order detail.

Payment Problems:
1, if your credit / debit card is rejected by our online payment system, please verify that the card you are using is a valid card. If your card is invalid, please contact your credit card / debit card issuing bank.
2, if your personal reasons, did not receive your payment, we have no obligation to ship your goods.
3, our website uses secure trade protection technology from the industry to protect your transactions.